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CC Witt and Patrick Ellington. Photo by Dylan Wilson

CC Witt and Patrick Ellington. Photo by Dylan Wilson

WHO: CC Witt (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Patrick Ellington (vocals, lead guitar), along with Larry Jones (bass) and A.J. Davis (drums)

THEIR SOUND: Classic country with a modern edge. “Our niche is our songwriting content,” says Witt. “Dolly Parton is my hero, and Patrick is really inspired by Tom Petty.”

SAVANNAH CONNECTION: Both born and bred Savannahians, Witt and Ellington met when they were 14 and 16 years old, respectively, and they’ve been playing together ever since. In 2011, they formed Lyn Avenue (named after a street near their recording studio) and were married in 2017.

NOW: Their second album, Never Been to Nashville, launched in February. They’re planning to go on tour this spring and summer, making a stop, of course, in Nashville.

CC Witt wears a Jordan Lewis vest, $373, and Bleu Bijour necklace, $180, both at Savannah Bleu; The Odells vegan leather dress, $152 at Custard Boutique; bolo tie, $22 at Gypsy World; glass earrings, $110, and mirror ring, $95, both at Zia; vintage heels, $40 at Future on Forsyth. Patrick Ellington wears a vintage jacket, $50, and bolo tie, $49, both at House of Strut; Peter Millar button-up shirt, $135 at J Parker Ltd.; leather booties, $49 at Future on Forsyth.

Cc Witt