Savannah's Lyn Avenue Debuts EP at the Tybee Post

Just like bourbon needs some time to age for its full flavors to develop, Savannah’s Lyn Avenue has matured over the years into a boot-stomping, electrifying country/Americana act.

The band, fronted by newlyweds Patrick Ellington and Cecilia “Cc” Witt, has gone through a metamorphosis since its conception in 2010.

In its beginnings, Lyn Avenue played a form of pop-rock. The sound later shifted into a more contemporary style of country music, with Witt’s rich vocals bringing to life the couple’s songwriting.

“We have grown lots as a band and it’s important for me that people know we are not a pop-country band, which is how we usually are described as and associated with,” Witt says. “Our evolution is more geared toward classic country music. The sound is cleaner, and it has direction. The songs are catchy, and it will sure make you dance. Country stars like Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn are an incredible source of inspiration for the EP.”

The band’s new EP, “Never Been to Nashville,” features five original songs with a bonus track and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Mavrogeorgis at Savannah’s Dollhouse Studios.

The first single, “Kentucky Bourbon,” is a memorable ode to whiskey and its video has been viewed more than 17,000 times on the band’s Facebook page. (Hence, it was only fitting for Savannah’s Ghost Coast Distillery to serve as the backdrop for our photo shoot.)

The EP will be debuted in its entirety at 8 p.m. Feb. 9 at Tybee Post Theater, the same location where the “Kentucky Bourbon” video was filmed. The $15 admission also includes a copy of the EP.

“It took us three years to write these songs,” Ellington says. “There is not really one inspiration to point to, but we wanted to make a statement. We wanted to make a real country record.

“We did not want to sound like the Backstreet Boys with a country accent. We wanted it to be the real country. We are proud of what we have created, and it is creatively satisfying, what we have put together.”

The EP release concert will feature an opening performance by Aaron Zimmer and Jay Rudd of Savannah bluegrass group City Hotel, along with other special musical guests throughout the night.

“We had a lot of great musicians come in the studio to track some beautiful parts to the EP that really helped bring these songs to life. We will be bringing back a few of those artists to join us throughout the evening,” Witt says.

“We’re fresh out the studio, and have been anxiously anticipating performing these new songs for our fans,” she adds. “We have been rehearsing for several weeks and have put together what we think will be our best show yet!”

- Adriana Iris Boatwright (Do Savannah) 

Cc Witt