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Reinvention is a good thing, particularly when it comes to the musical stylings of Savannah duo Lyn Avenue.


Lyn Avenue's New EP Points the Way Forward for Savannah Country Combo

Say you’re a young, talented, guitar-oriented musical duo in this day and age. You’ve been writing and performing publicly since 2008. You’re essentially a completely independent act—meaning you’re operating without the assistance of either an established record label or the proverbial cigar-chomping manager. (You now, the kind with a hard-fought reputation for driving tough bargains and for brashly shepherding his charges to fame and fortune.)

Over the past seven years, you’ve released three DIY CDs of original material, each of which sounds noticeably different from the one before, and none of which made a measurable dent in the public consciousness outside of your immediate friends, family, and regional followers.

SM: What would your next move be?
LA: For Savannah-based Americana group Lyn Avenue, their answer to that question actually has a name: Never Been to Nashville. That’s the title of their just-released fourth disc, the product of almost half a year in a professional recording studio—and, according to the group’s founding members, vocalist and rhythmic guitarist CC Witt and lead guitarist and secondary vocalist Patrick Ellington, the first record they’ve ever made that they are truly proud of.

For now, the entire record can be streamed for free at the band’s website, which is also where you can find upcoming concert dates, live clips, and their latest promotional music video (which is already drawing nationwide attention). “We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received with our new EP,” says Witt. “We plan to tour as much as possible, write more songs, and continue on this new path we have set for ourselves.”


To listen to Never Been to Nashville, visit Lyn Avenue on Facebook or at
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